about ASG

I paint and print stuff. Sometimes I hang other people's work. Sometimes I'm serious, sometimes I'm not. 


A Pennsylvania native, Guth has worked consistently in various mediums throughout his career including painting, printmaking, photography, installation work and film. He has studied at Temple University, Philadelphia and Harrisburg Area Community College where he has received degrees in Visual Fine Arts, Art History and Film Media & Communications.

Guth's work has been shown regionally and nationally continuously since 2001. His paintings have been showcased through exhibits orchestrated in spaces located in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh (The Andy Warhol Museum), New York, Washington DC (Embassy of France), Baltimore and Harrisburg, PA. His painting and sculptures are included in numerous private collections throughout the United States, Great Britain, Switzerland and France.

Andrew's visual works often seek to convey personal narratives through the use of mixed media which include: acrylics, oils, digital film stills, charcoal, graphite, photographs and other ephemera. The intent is to create a layered environment in which the viewer can project their own personal narrative and experience through the piecing together of visuals and text, relying on personal associations to the arrangements, color and objects to dictate the experience.

Guth has owned and curated a number of galleries in the city of Harrisburg over the past decade including The Mantis Collective Gallery (with fellow artist Tara Chickey), and North Gallery. As of January, 2016 Guth has curated over 125 exhibits throughout the course of his career. He currently exhibits work, organizes and curates 'pop-up' exhibits throughout central Pennsylvania.

Currently Guth is self-represented and takes clients on a limited basis. Inquire about his availability.